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Address Parsing Service

07-08-2020 - 10:5607-08-2020 - 11:13

#trqlradio: TRQL's "parseAddress" service is available. This service is in beta. It works on Belgian addresses at this stage because it is the raw data of Belgian addresses that we have digested for the moment.

We will quickly extend the service to (1) have it detect the "box" part of an address (e.g. "rue des fleurs 48, boîte 3, 1000 Brussels - Belgium"), (2) determine the language in which the address is mentioned (which is essential for good parsing), (3) perform a correct parsing of Dutch-speaking addresses, (4) include French data and propose an adequate parsing of French addresses.

The beta version of this service is successfully used on TRQL Radio in (1) our general 'Mercator' service (processing and determination of geocoordinates), (2) in "Anaximandre" (processing of weather conditions and forecasts), (3) and "Compass" (traffic information). The use of these services on TRQL Radio was essential in order to be able to offer digital radio. I will use these real-life examples to continue and finish my paper on Digital Transformations, which I will then compile and turn into a white paper.


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