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Incident & Problem Management

25-10-2016 - 09:3127-10-2016 - 22:48

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In an Agile context in which the teams that built the applications are also the ones that support, maintain and operate them, it is crucial that the feedback loops with the end-users get as direct and straightforward as possible.

Such feedback loops should serve many different purposes at once: capturing possible enhancements and improvements, capturing the misses, the inadequacies, the suggestions, the conditions of turbulences, and also … anomalies. That is where we need to establish the link with Incident & Problem Management.

Quick Definitions for Incident Management and Problem Management

The purpose of Incident Management is to restore service as quickly as possible, without necessarily understanding what went wrong, to ensure that agreed levels of service quality are maintained [1] .

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If Incident Management concentrates on dealing with the symptoms of an outage or issue and not the cause, the purpose of Problem Management is to identify and deal with the cause of incidents.

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It has an implication on how the code is version-controlled (trunk-based development)


[1] … Freely adapted from Peter Farenden in ITIL for Dummies

by Pat Boens

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